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Sunshine Coast & Bundaberg IVF Clinics

What sets Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg IVF clinics apart from other clinics?

We are very excited to inform you that Affordable IVF is now part of Fertility Solutions. This means that patients have access to affordable and more variety of IVF treatments under the one roof. Fertility Solutions have a new tiered level of fertility treatment which starts with lower level treatments such as insemination (if your situation is suited for this) and then progress to other options if required such as our standard IVF treatment (first offering of low-cost treatment) followed by our intermediate IVF (second offering of low-cost treatment) and then more customized IVF treatment (Full Service). We are also now offering a Fertility Investigation Package for individual or couples who are thinking about pregnancy.

Fertility Solutions will continue to offer all patients the option of having their egg collection under the comfort of an aneasthetic at the hospital or whilst awake at the clinic.

The new intermediate low cost option now allows patients to have their embryos transferred at a more advanced stage of development, improving their chance of a pregnancy by up to 25% (based on the clinic IVF data for 2015 for all ages). View our IVF success rates.

Patients can either attend a free consultation with a nurse through the Fertility Solutions clinic or a consultation with one of our Fertility Specialist in their rooms.

We are not your typical fertility treatment centre. Both our IVF fertility clinics have been designed so a cosy, home-like environment is created and experienced the moment you enter the clinics for the first time. Walking inside our Sunshine Coast IVF or Bundaberg clinic, it will feel like you are coming home – you will be greeted by a warm, relaxing, calm and inviting setting. Come and visit our centres and see for yourself.

We actively work with local complementary therapists (acupuncturists, naturopaths, massage therapists etc), to offer you unique lifestyle packages that take into account your specific requirements. We listen to you and formulate custom-made treatment programs with all your wishes, circumstances and requests taken into account. The benefit of this for you is that you are working with a clinic that guarantees you the best possible chance of success in the shortest time possible. We offer a comprehensive range of fertility treatments including ovulation induction, PCO management, male and female infertility management, inseminations, IVF, ICSI, sperm, egg and embryo freezing and genetic testing.

All of our Fertility Doctors are highly recognised obstetricians and gynaecologists. They also happen to be one of the youngest teams of fertility doctors working locally on the Sunshine Coast. The benefit to you and your partner is that your fertility doctor can share your journey for life from pre-conception to birth and beyond.  Each Doctor has their own fertility interest, ranging from management of PCOS, endometriosis, and male infertility.

Fertility Solutions is a leader in our industry, providing the highest level of care to our patients.  We are the only fertility clinic on the Sunshine Coast to have been nominated and proud winners of the Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business Awards in 2009, 2010, and 2011.  In recognition of our achievements, we were inducted into the Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business Hall of Fame in 2012.  We always strive to achieve the highest levels of professionalism as we share your Journey for Life. We welcome you (and your partner) to a free one-on-one private consultation.

Meet our fertility team and learn more about our regular accreditation, which ensures that we are consistently meeting and often exceeding industry standards for IVF best practices.