Advantages and Disadvantages of IVF

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a medical procedure that many couples and individuals turn to when they are facing infertility. This procedure has many advantages for a couple with infertility problems, but the medical procedure does have disadvantages too. Before an IVF procedure can be done, the couple or individuals will need to go over the entire process with a doctor or fertility specialist.

Advantages Of IVF

A successful pregnancy and birth are, of course the biggest advantage of the IVF procedure! Although your child was not conceived during the traditional conception method, your pregnancy will not be affected. Once you become pregnant, your baby will grow inside of the womb, just like a traditional pregnancy. After you give birth, your child will live a normal life, despite being conceived through IVF.

Another advantage to IVF is confirmation of fertilization. The embryos will never be transferred into your uterus unless they have been fertilized. If a couple faces infertility issues because of the man’s sperm, or the woman’s egg, IVF allows couples to use donor sperm or donor eggs and still be able to carry the pregnancy. It is also possible to use IVF in the situation where the male has previously had a vasectomy. IVF also provides the opportunity to test embryos for chromosomal abonormalities prior to embryo transfer.


A clear disadvantage with IVF is that success is not guaranteed. In fact, less than 30 percent of couples starting an IVF cycle will get pregnant , and not all of these pregnancies will result in a baby, with a little over 22 percent of IVF cycles started resulting in a successful birth. Another disadvantage is the risks of multiple pregnancies. If you transfer more than one embryo, there is a chance that all of the embryos will implant, leading to multiple pregnancies. Women that are pregnant with more than one fetus have a higher chance of miscarrying, or going into premature labor.

IVF can also be an expensive medical procedure, and if you have medicare entitelments some of the costs are subsidized, but there are still out of pockets expenses that come with IVF.  And whilst private health  insurance  may cover the hospital admission the total cost depends on each individual’s situation. .  There are lower cost options available for IVF that you might consider exploring.


In order to maximize the success of a cycle and minimize the number of IVF cycles required it is necessary for the woman to take hormones which will stimulate the ovaries to make more than the usual 1-2 eggs each month. Sometimes the stimulation can cause reactions, which can vary from woman to woman, and in extreme cases may result in a hospital admission.

Egg Collections

An IVF cycle means that the woman will have to undergo a surgical procedure so that the specialist can collect the eggs to be used for their cycle. A specialist will go over the potential risks with you prior to commencing any treatment.

Embryo Transfers

With any medical procedure there are possible risks involved, and the embryo transfer procedure is no exception. Sometimes, despite all best efforts, embryos  are lost during the procedure or can implant in the wrong place, including the fallopian tubes which can  result in a miscarriage or a  ectopic pregnancy. Some women will experience little – or extreme – cramping, while other women will not experience any pain or cramping at all. The risks of an embryo transfer will vary on a case-by-case scenario, but is generally very similar to a pap smear test.

IVF procedures have been performed for more than 30 years now, but the procedure has gone through significant changes over the years. Scientist and fertility specialists are constantly developing new medication and medical practices to increase the IVF procedure’s success rate, in addition to preventing complications associated with the procedure.

Feel free to contact Fertility Solutions Clinic and nurse manager Denise Donati to determine if the IVF procedure is the right option for you. We also offer a free consultation where you and your partner can get all of your IVF questions answered in a comfortable, relaxed setting.

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