Each of our brochures are available for downloading by clicking the PDF link below. You may also view many of brochures and factsheets as web pages by clicking the appropriate title.  If you have a question about something you can’t find here, please contact us or ask Denise.

Concerns Brochure. Version 2. Patients can fill this out if they have concerns about the service you received. PDF.

Cycle of Life Acupuncture and Infertility Q&A. From Acupuncturist Erica French. PDF.

Donating Sperm, Eggs or Embryos – General guidelines for becoming a donor. PDF.

Egg Freezing –Version 1. Information on egg freezing. PDF.

Feedback Form. Version 3, July 2014. Patients can fill this out if they have feedback they would like to provide. PDF.

Female Age and Fertility – Version 5. Updated 6th September 2013. PDF.

Female and Male Biological Clocks – Article published on PDF.

Fertility Solutions Concerns Brochure Version 2.

Fertility Solutions General Brochure. PDF.

Fertility Investigation Package. PDF.

Fertility Solutions Specialists – Our team of fertility doctors. PDF.

Frozen Embryo Transfer – Version 1. Information on embryo freezing and transfer cycle. PDF.

How To Increase Fertility Naturally – Some helpful tips on curing your infertility before consulting a specialist.

Infertility – You Are Not Alone! – Infertility facts.

Introduction To Fertility Solutions For PatientsVersion 7, Updated 3rd April 2014. PDF.

Pre-Medical Treatment and Sperm FreezingVersion 3, Updated 6th June 2013. PDF.

Pre-Vasectomy Semen Freezing – Version 3.1. PDF.

Position Statement – Storage And Disposal of Embryos – Version 1, August 2014. PDF.

Position Statement – Storage and Disposal of Gametes (Sperm and Eggs) – Version 1. PDF.

Recent Trends in Australian Fertility. PDF.

Referral Checklist – 2013. What your doctor can do before referring you to a fertility clinic for assessment. PDF.

Semen Analysis – Updated 17th March 2014. PDF.

Sperm Donation – PDF.

Semen Freezing – Version 2, Updated 4th May 2013. PDF.

Surgical Sperm Collection – Version 2, Updated October 2014. PDF.

Tips For Family And Friends – Helping others understand – A guide for family and friends.

Using Donor Sperm, Eggs or Embryos – Options for using gametes. PDF.

Your Fertility Solutions Support System and Counsellors. PDF.

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