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Sperm Donation

Admin FAQ

What if I need to have scans or blood tests with providers other than those used by Fertility Solutions?
If I choose to use other service providers, how do I pay for this?
Can I claim the invoice from Fertility Solutions for outsourced pathology and radiology?

Infertility FAQ

What is infertility?
How much does IVF cost?
How likely is it that I will get pregnant using IVF?
Why can’t I get pregnant – what are the reasons?
What is day one of my cycle?
What is the fertile time?
What effect does diet, lifestyle and smoking have on fertility?
I don’t have a fertility specialist, who should I choose?
Surrogacy – what is Queensland’s position?
How long can I store my embryos?
How long can I store my eggs and emryos?

Sperm Donation FAQ

Why are sperm donors needed?
Why become a sperm donor?
Who can be a sperm donor?
What are the main benefits for the donor?
Will I get paid?

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